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Virtual Information Technology Assistant
Introduction and Outline Page:

What is a Virtual IT Assistant? Becoming a Virtual IT Assistant involves more than doing clerical work. Basically your objective is to work together with your client to discover the technology needs for their business.

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Welcome To The Plug and Play Virtual IT Assistant Training!

If you just need the outline (hint. This page is the outline:) of the training without the complete training kit the price is $10.00 USD

At the end of this training, which usually takes the beginner three months, you should be able to start up your own VITA (Virtual IT Assistant Business) the with the lowest possible startup cost. First we will start with the general suggested equipment list broken down into three income categories. Denoted by the dollar signs, with the one dollar sign being low or no cost except for your time. $ $$ $$$. This course is for those who have a little or a large start up investment. Aside from your time your computer will be your greatest upfront cost.$$$

$$$ Computer suggestions with model numbers and cost

$$ Internet Access

$ Printer/Fax/Scanner

$$ Cell Phone